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20 May 2005 @ 03:31 pm
Hello, and welcome to Betasquad! Okay, so this isn't technically the first post (byewonderland beat me to it) but it is supposed to be an introduction post of sorts for everyone that has joined and is still a bit confused.

Here's how the community works:
We've gathered together to post our unbeta'd, fresh off the brain-platter fics. We all recognize that good work can always be better, and beta readers, pre-readers, or editors (whatever you choose to call them) can help authors get to that point.

All entries posted to this community should be locked, so ONLY members of the community can see it. That way only people serious about beta'ing will comment, and only people serious about getting their work honestly critiqued will post.

This is the only unlocked post that should be visible to ANYONE, whether they are logged in or not! If you wish to join the community, please post a comment to this entry and state your intentions. We ask that you be serious about beta'ing and offering up your own work (if any) before officially joining the community. Anyone that joins at the User Info page but does NOT comment on this entry or at the_sweet's journal (or otherwise talks to me, Azurite, aka the_sweet) will be REJECTED from the community!

No one's required to beta everything on the community, nor are people MANDATED to beta when they're really here for advice for their own work. Obviously, we recommend that if you want your work critiqued, you should also critique others' work. A fresh perspective will help an author-- plus, if the fic happens to be outside your usual realm (for instance, it's a horror story instead of a romance), then you might just find a new author to admire, a new style to read/write, or simply a cool fic to recommend to others.

We do ask that everyone follow standard guidelines and include all the basic information about their fic, including a link to where past chapters can be found, in their posts. It's also great if you try to point out any strengths or weaknesses that you have, so betas can know just what to look for.

Finally, PIMP the community! Tell people you're a member of betasquad! Get them to join! We always need more pre-readers, more perspectives, more fics, and more vision!

Okay-- get posting!
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